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Grow reliable, healthy nails that retain moisture and stay strong. Collagen helps feed our nail beds with the amino acid, arginine, which helps promote nail growth and overall health.

Benefits of Dosi for Nails


Essential for maintaining nail strength, collagen in Dosi supplements helps in preventing brittleness and promotes the growth of healthy nails. It strengthens the nail bed and contributes to overall nail health.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid plays a critical role in cell growth and division, which is essential for nail health. The presence of Folic Acid in Dosi supplements aids in the prevention of nail splitting and other nail growth problems.


An important antioxidant, Selenium in Dosi supplements protects the nail cells from damage. It helps in maintaining nail health and prevents issues like white spots on nails, which are often signs of nutrient deficiency.

Natural nails you can be proud of

Promotes Stronger Nails

Dosi supplements contribute to stronger, less brittle nails, reducing breakage and chipping for healthier and more resilient nails.

Enhances Nail Growth

With regular use, Dosi's supplements aid in faster and healthier nail growth, leading to longer nails in a shorter amount of time.

Improves Nail Appearance

Dosi supplements help in improving the overall appearance of nails, making them look more vibrant and less prone to discoloration or dullness.

Pure Collagen

Firm, youthful-looking skin. Thick hair. Strong nails. As part of your daily beauty routine, Pure Collagen supports the natural ageing process.

Hair, Skin & Nail Support

Lengthen. Strengthen. Repair. As part of your daily routine, our Hair supplement delivers longer, thicker hair by reducing hair thinning and supporting hair growth.

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